Privacy Notice


Most people will be aware that from the 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came in to force. We are obliged to inform you how we use the data we hold about you.

On joining the club we ask for information about yourself and your collecting habits, and annually thereafter, to keep this updated.  You have supplied these details but you can also have them removed at any time by contacting the Club Secretary.  We use the information for the following purposes:

1.  Name, address, telephone numbers, and email are required for contacting you. (i.e. Newsletter, Membership List, Exchange Meeting Brochure etc.). Birth date, if given, and other information about your collection and interests, is for the use of club members only.

2.  All information is kept on a database in electronic format accessed by the Club Secretary only. It is used to produce the Membership List, which is available to all members. None of the information is shared outside the club, without the permission of the member involved.

Members are required to keep the information on the Membership List secure. Any person found to be using the information for activities or advertising outside the club, will immediately be barred from membership.

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