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Mansley packets

A number of packet scans sent in by Dave Mansley (in November) have been added to the database. This included a couple of NSPCC Christmas packets and the relevant set and compare files have been updated.

Sweet Thoughts Issue 89

Issue 89 of the club newsletter has been added to the  members area along with the accompanying packets, sets files (3 of these) and new finds. The Puccino’s comparison file has also been updated.

Up to Date

It is the morning of the UKSC Exchange Meeting and I have finally managed to clear the backlog of packets sent to me over the summer by Pam Miller and Dave Mansley.

Another 30+ packets have been added from two collections donated by the club and scanned by Pam.

Packets Added

Seventy two packets have been added to the SUGARCAT database.  These were scanned by Pam Miller from the collection of Roger Ashton which were donated to the Club.

More Packets

Another batch of packets from Dave Mansley have been added to the database. This time there were 67 including several from sets.

This completes the packets sent by Dave but there are still quite a lot of scans sent by Pam Miller in August that are waiting to be added.

S Packets

Another 56 packets have been added to the database using scans supplied by Dave Mansley. All these are in the S folder.

More packets

Another 32 packets submitted by Dave Mansley have been added to the database. These are all in the R folder.

More Mansley Packets

Another batch of packets submitted by David Mansley has been added to the SUGARCAT database. Fifty three have been added with more still to come.


Packets Added

Eighteen packets have been added from a rather larger number of scans submitted by Dave Mansley - more to follow.

More packets added

Another 54 packets from Dave Mansley added to the database. These are in folders L, Littlewoods, M and McDonalds.

Packets Added

Forty-nine packets have been added to the sugar packets database. These were submitted by Pam Miller from collections donated to the club.

Tate and Lyle Lists

The missing numbers list, compiled by Pam Miller, from issue 78 has been added to the Tale and Lyle Lists page, together  with all the updates from isue 72 up to issue 87.

Packets Added

Dave Mansley has kindly been sending scans of packets from the collection of the late Eileen Weekes which were donated by here daughter.

About 17 of these were added to the SUGARCAT database on 24th June but no updated notice was posted.

A further 127 packets, including a few which belong to sets, have been added today.

2016 Exchange Meeting

Details of the next UKSC Exchange Meeting (Sat 22nd October 2016) have been added to the website.

They can be found on the Exchange Meeting event page.

From there you will find a link to the the brochure which can be downloaded.

You can also book online for the meeting.

Newsletter Issue 87

The newsletter can be accessed through the Newsletter Page of the website.

The New Finds packets have been added to SUGARCAT and the New Finds list updated.

The new finds packets have been added to the database and the new finds database has also been updated.

One new set has been added to the sets list.

A & B Packets added

Courtesy of Dave Mansley nineteen packets have been added to the SUGARCAT database, all with names beginning with A or B.

Database demonstration version

The SUGARCAT demonstration version has been updated.  The main SUGARCAT database is only accessible by members but the demonstration version is open to anyone. The new style and design has been transferred to the demo and a different selection of sets and packets included. There are over 250 packets on the demo version compared to over 9,000 on the full version.  Features such as the Tate and Lyle list (which is only partially added) and the printed sets catalogue are not included on the demo.

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