Some updates have been made to the SUGARCAT pages.

First, a few packets have been removed because they are not from the UK and various other corrections have been made. I am grateful to Pam Miller for pointing these out.

Secondly, the UK sets page has been changed so that the list of sets with graphics is now the top item, followed by set comparisons and then the list without graphics.  Previously the list of sets with graphics took a long time to load hence the third change.

Thirdly, the list of set, showing pictures of the packets, now shows just five most recent sets. But there is now the option to select which sets to see. Simply collecing the search button without any other options will show the full list.  But it is also possible to select which type of packet from a drop down list and also to enter some text to search for. For example entering the text pucc would show all the Puccino’s sets. Of course it is also possible to see all the Puccino’s sets from the sets comparison page.

If you want to see all the sets without having to wait for all the graphics to load then go back to the sets page and click the “list only” button.

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