Tate & Lyle numbers list

For a long time Pam Miller has been compiling a list of the numbers printed on the old Tate and Lyle lump wrappers.  Pam has occassionally published a list of missing numbers in Sweet Thoughts and then provided updates as new ones were identified.

A list has now been added to the members’ area of the website showing all then numbers from 1 to 2571 and the few from 6070 to 6076. The list indidates whether the number is known or missing and where I have the details the name on the wrapper is given.

If one or more wrappers are on the SUGARCAT database for this number then a link is given which will list them.  In some cases there are wrappers with no number printed but their design number is known whilst in others there are several of the same design one or more of which may not have a number on.

There is also a link at the bottom to show all the wrappers on the database for which I currently don’t know the number. It may be that Pam does have the number for some of these.

I will be endeavouring to keep this and the other T&L wrappers page up to date as wrappers are added to the database or Pam issues updates to her list.

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