UKSC is the first and only sugar packet collector's club in the UK.  Sucrologists collect the little packets of sugar you get when you order tea or coffee in a cafĂ© or restaurant. Packets come in different styles, shapes and colour. Although there is less variety today than in the past they can still be found in many different countires and the largest collections contain over one hundred thosand packets. Many choose to collect particular countries, themes, or just places they themselves have visited.

Club News

In late 2022 there was discussion about the future of the club and it was decided to continue but without a regular newsletter. In December one of our founder members, Pam Miller, died unexpected and suddenly. Pam had been intending to hand over as Secretary but had not done so at the time of her death.

The club is therefore in transition, we have a new Secretary and things will be done differently. In particular we now have a WhatsApp group which members can join.

Matters have been complicated by the fact that the software used to edit the main part of the club website stopped working (it was no longer supported). These pages have therefore been simplified, should work better on a variety of devices, but don't contain as much information as they once did.

In this transition we haven't asked members to pay subs in 2023, yet, and there is no page to pay subs. However, if you would like to join, which includes access to the online database, then please contact the Secretary.

The SUGARCAT online database pages are unaffected by this and are still available to members.

Learn more about UKSC.