Issue 49 - Feb 2007



Events - Details of Midland Region exchange meeting

New finds - a variety of new finds - Gaggia, Agora, Café du Gallery, Hatters Café, Bella Italia, Izzo, Silver Spoon, The Olive Tree, Copper Kettle, John Lewis Partnership, Caffé Crema, Pennine

The Future of the Club

Members' Rare and Favourite Sugar Packets - Ian Farquhar , Beryl Laishley and Pam Miller on Tate & Lyle

Details of international meetings - Cento (Italy), Laurac (France) & Mainz (Germany)

Maison du Sucre - report on a small museum in Belgium

Where are they from? - request for help in identifying some further packets.

Canderel Tablet Dispensers

Sweet N Low packets featuring the Pink Panther.

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